Flying Paper Industries Ltd.
Wood free writing and printing paper
Photo copy paper | 115gm | 80gm | 68gm | 72gm | 55gm

Zaman Paper & Board Mills (pvt) Ltd.
Box Board one side coated
210gm | 230gm | 250gm | 295gm | 350gm
Available in any size

Poly Paper Mills (Pvt) Ltd. (Flying Tissue)
Facial tissue
Toilet roll
Kitchen roll
Party pack
Napkin tissue
Flying Board & Paper Products Ltd.
Writing and printing paper
New white rose paper | 68gm |
White fine quality paper | 68gm |
Brite white rose paper | 55gm |
Wood free fine quality writing paper | 72gm |
Wood free high finish paper | 60gm |
Prime High Finish Paper | 90gm |
Prime High Finish Paper | 80gm |

Flying Kraft Paper Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
Kraft paper
Sack kraft paper | 100gm |
Sack kraft paper | 80gm |
Packing paper
Paper sack
Khaki brock
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